The Web site is still under construction. As long as the envisaged IP protection scheme is implemented, we will be able to tell you more. However, yet today basic info about us, our technology and the way to contact us is made available. Enjoy!

Published: 10 Sept. 2018 V 1.0

Random Power, its logo and motto are copyrighted byMassimo Caccia, Luca Malinverno & Lorenza Paolucci

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Unpredictability is usually perceived with a sense of uneasiness and discomfort. However, when it comes to secure our data, information, posts, pictures and whatever flows to (or from) the internet about us, protection relies on unpredictability. The impossibility for an eavesdropper or a hacker to break the walls protecting what sits on the net about us depends on secret keys, protocols, cyphering algorithms namely the art & science of cryptography. Keys, essential to lock&unlock the doors, must be randomly generated. And true randomness implies unpredictability.

Random Power developed a True Random Bit Generator for key generation and beyond and aims at providing a secure, cost effective, robust and tiny device for the IoT, automotive and mobile markets.

Principle & Technology

As anticipated, until when a proper IP protection scheme is implemented, not very much can be disclosed.
However, we can say that our bit stream was fully qualified through the NIST Random Test Suite and the generated sequences do pass all of the tests with flying colours. Click here to download a data sample and the NIST tests results.


As of today, Random Power developed a qualification board, offering end-users the possibility to generate and transmit random bit streams while varying a variety of system parameters. The basic features are:

  • no. of sources of randomness: 1
  • Temperature control in the -10 °C to 70°C range (Peltier cooler based)
  • Actual generated random bit stream : 1 Mbps
  • Actual transmitted random bit stream: 20 kbps (Limited from actual electronics implementation)
  • Websocket based control & bit transmission
  • Supply voltage: 5V – 1A
  • Dimensions: 70x75x55 mm
  • Matlab or C# based Graphical User Interface

Random Power White Paper

The Random Power technology is highly customisable. Our target is to offer a system integrated over an area not exceeding 1 cm2 within Q4 2018 and to launch a microchip design by Q2 2019.

Italian Patent Pending n. 102018000009064

The Team

Massimo Caccia is full professor of particle physics @ Università degli Studi dell’Insubria (Como – Italy). High level education at Università di Torino and Milano, Ph.D. in Physics, he grew up scientifically at CERN, the house of the Large Hadron Collider. His interest lies with particle detector development and applications to fundamental research and industry.

Luca Malinverno is a PhD Student @ Università degli Studi dell’Insubria (Como – Italy). He goes back and forth from UK, where he collaborates in a joint research project related to radionuclides identification for security application. His interest lies with security issue, from IoT to nuclear security.

Missin’ Pic Lorenza Paolucci is part of the administrative offices @ Università degli Studi dell’Insubria (Como – Italy). Her interests lies with technology transfer and IP protection.