Massimo Caccia

Ph.D, co-founder, C.E.O

Full professor at the Department of Science and Technology of Università
degli Studi dell’Insubria, Massimo is the main inventor of the Rap! technology. For the last twenty+ years his activity has been focused on solid state detectors of ionising particles and photons; he has been Coordinator of several EC funded R&D projects targeting technological developments, and scientist in charge of several R&D collaborative contracts with Small and
Medium Enterprises (SME), corporations and Public Entities, both Italians and foreigners.
In 2019 Massimo has led the project “Random Power”, funded by the
ATTRACT Initiative (https://attract-eu.com/) with the aim to provide a seed capital to plan products, services and companies based on new detection and imaging technologies, and he currently serves as the Coordinator of the follow-up project “In Silico Quantum Generation of Random Bit Streams”, supported again by the ATTRACT Consortium.