As of today, Random Power developed a qualification board, and a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) Board  offering end-users the possibility to generate and transmit random bitstreams while varying a variety of system parameters.

Italian Patent Pending n. 102018000009064

PCT extension: PCT/IB2019/058340

Qualification Board

  • no. of sources of randomness: 1
  • Temperature control in the -10 °C to 70°C range (Peltier cooler based)
  • Actual generated random bit stream: 1 Mbps
  • Actual transmitted random bitstream: 20 kbps (Limited from actual electronics implementation)
  • Websocket based control & bit transmission
  • Supply voltage: 5V – 1A
  • Dimensions: 70x75x55 mm
  • Matlab or C# based Graphical User Interface

Random Power Leaflet

MVP Board

  • no. of sources of randomness: 1
  • Output bit stream: Up to 1 Mbit/s
  • USB comunication trought FTD2xx driver
  • Supply voltage: 5V – 1A (Via USB connection)
  • Dimensions: 80x35x5 mm3
  • Python Based GUI and libraries

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